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How to Pick the Right Yoga Class

After the relative calm of August, September marks the beginning of the always-bananas fall. It’s no wonder that this is also National Yoga Month—we could all use a reminder right about now to take a few deep breaths. And, while the Birchbox eds are big yogis (at home and on the road) we know there are plenty of you who are yet to be sold. That’s why we asked the experts Pure Yoga in New York for tips on finding your yoga groove. Here, managing teacher Terrence Monte diagnoses the right type of yoga for every need.

In general, beginners should try several different styles with several different teachers. Neophytes come into yoga with very specific, often misconceived, ideas of what yoga is. If you take classes with three different teachers, you’ll see a huge spectrum of what yoga can be. Once you have the moves down, find a teacher that quickens your blood. It is the teacher, not the style, that matters most in yoga practice. Align yourself with one who speaks to you (literally and metaphorically), and you will come back for more. 

If you need rebalancing: Go for Slow Flow. New York City is fast-paced, in your face, and aggressive. This can put you off kilter and leaving you feeling abused. A Slow Flow class can put things in perspective. You will still have an athletic challenge—people actually say holding these poses is more challenging—and you will get in touch with a slow, steady, cyclic, meditative breath. 

If you’re an athlete: Most athletes have short, quick-burst muscles (this is a generalization for sure). Depending on the sport of choice, the athlete is nursing an injury, or looking to supplement their sport with something to keep them healthy. Look for classes taught by an instructor with an athletic (not necessarily dancer) background. Yoga for Athletes or Yoga for Runners are great choices for any athlete.
If you’re nursing an injury: Try a Yin/Yang class. This is typically 45 minutes of asana (Yang) and 45 minutes of restorative (Yin). You get a little work, and a little healing. It’s the perfect blend for someone nursing an injury.
If you’re an adrenaline junkie: Hot Power is where you belong. When you’re in 105-degree room with the music blasting, the sweat starts pouring out before you start moving. Look for Level 2/3 Hot Powers taught by teachers who are known for being bad-ass, and who practice where they teach. There’s typically no chanting, little breath work, and NO talking about vegetables or animal rights. This is all movement for an hour.
Check back for more yoga tips from Pure Yoga’s experts. In the meantime, take a look inside at this month’s Birchbox Magazine.

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