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Coat with Caution: This Mascara Induces Major Lash Envy

                    imageLong and thick with a slight curl, my pal Tracy’s fringe inspires prolonged stares and perfectly frames her expressive bright-blue eyes.

After skirting around the question, I finally blurted out the obvious: “Tracy, are you wearing false lashes?” Her baby blues widened, and just when I thought a sassy rebuttal was about to be tossed my way, Tracy demurred, “No, they’re real.”

The secret behind Tracy’s ultralong lashes? Benefit Cosmetics’ they’re Real! Mascara. Long heralded as the no-fuss alternative to falsies (and slightly terrifying lash extensions), the glossy formula adds length, volume, and a natural-looking curl without weighing lashes down.

But be forewarned—you will field the inevitable question: “Are they real?”


If this mascara is the equivalent of a LBD, Benefit’s Ultra Plush Lip Gloss is the clutch that goes with everything. Swipe it on for a polished pout that pairs well with your beach day maxi or your weekday power suit. 

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    I need some in my life. Now.
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    This is the most true post in the history of Birchbox. They’re Real is a legitimate miracle worker and the best mascara...
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    This is legitimately the best mascara ever. I usually don’t wear mascara at all because it mostly just makes my lashes...
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