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The Surprising Trick You Should Use to Find Your Perfect Red Lipstick


Jouer’s Perfect Red Collection, from left to right: Lana, Simone, Grace, Sophia, Ava. (As you can see, somebody loved Grace a lot.)

Even if I’d love to rock a gorgeous no-holds-barred bold lip everyday, the truth is that on a regular basis I love more natural looking makeup. I recently discovered Jouer, a brand that’s synonymous with crafting beautiful looks using eye-catching colors, while somehow keeping the overall feel very au naturale.

The coolest trick that I’ve learned from the brand lately? Well, for one: Everyone has a perfect red lip color that they can wear all the time (without feeling intimidated). And two: The secret to which red you should be choosing lies not in the makeup aisle, but in your closet. Jouer has created a smart system to help you identify your most flattering shade of crimson using their Perfect Red Collection as a guide. Here’s how it works:

1. Consult your wardrobe. Folks with warm tones often gravitate toward cream, heather gray, pink, turquoise, and chocolate hues, while those who have cool tones to their skin look best in white, charcoal gray, pastels, and bright jewel tones. (Another cheat, courtesy of Jouer makeup artist Neil Scibelli, is to look at the insides of your wrists. Cool tones have a yellowish hue, while warm tones have a ruddier tinge.)

2. Match your skintone “temperature” to your hair color. And, voilà! Jouer can show you the shade that will perfectly match your complexion. To test out their system, I rounded up ladies from the Birchbox world to try out their perfect shade of Jouer red. I can’t believe how well it worked.

imageCool tone | blonde hair: Lana

imageCool tone | brunette or black hair: Simone

Warm tone | blonde hair or redhead: Grace

imageWarm tone | brunette or black hair: Sophia

imageNot sure? Ava works for warm and cool tones alike!

I think all of these ladies look ravishing in their designated shades, but I’m struck by how different the colors can appear on different skin tones. A color that really pops on one of the Birchbox ladies above could look completely subdued on someone else! 

Another pleasant surprise for me was how moisturizing the Hydrating Lipstick formula was. Instead of becoming cakey on my already chapped lips, once I swiped it on, the formula instantly moisturized my pout, which meant I never even needed to apply lip balm as a primer.

These aren’t colors I would automatically reach for just by looking at the tubes (as I mentioned, pigmented hues intimidate me). But that was the fun part—Jouer knew me better than I knew myself, and once I took the leap I found a shade that was just right.

Now tell me: What’s your perfect Jouer red? Sound off in the comments below!


If you’re a red lip lover but don’t know how to apply the look, use our handy tutorial to get a flawless rouge pout.

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