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6 Small Things You Can Do to Get Flawless Skin


Sometimes it feels like no matter what you try—masks, topical treatments, buzzy new face-scrubbing tools—you just can’t score a blemish-free face. We know how tough it can be to pinpoint exactly what’s causing that nasty flareup, which is why we asked Linda Stephenson, founder of standout skincare brand Mèreadesso, for her best tips on getting a gorgeous complexion.

Not only is Stephenson a longtime veteran of the cosmetics industry, she also holds degrees in chemistry, biology, and botany! She created Mèreadesso to be an extrasimple line packed with good-for-your-skin ingredients—and if anyone knows how to revamp a cluttered skincare routine and focus on the right products, it’s her. Read on to find out Stephenson’s helpful hints for scoring flawless skin:


1. Whatever your skin care routine is, make it a routine and be consistent.

2. Use skincare products that have multiple botanical extracts and active ingredients closer to the top of the ingredient list, and any waxes or fillers nearer to the bottom of the list.

3. Stop hanging onto cosmetics or skincare products for more than a year—and you shouldn’t keep mascara for more than 6 months. Remember: The product may have been on the shelf or in a warehouse for quite a while before you bought it. If the product is sunscreen or contains sunscreen, always take note of the expiration date, which should be listed on the package.

4. Get a facial by a licensed aesthetician at least once every season. They’ll know which products are better for your skin and do any necessary extractions and exfoliation in the correct way.

5. Make sure you’re eating plenty of of dark-colored fruits and vegetables—all are high in antioxidants, which are great for the skin. Also make sure that omega 3s (e.g., fish, whole grains) are part of your food selections, since they make a big difference for your complexion too.

6. Supplement your diet with with a B-complex vitamin, it’s great for your hair, nails and skin.

Want even more personalized tips? Join us for a Twitter Chat with Linda Stephenson on Thursday, September 12, at 1 p.m. ET. She’ll be answering all your questions on how to pare down your skincare routine, what ingredients you should keep an eye out for, and more. To participate, just make sure to follow @birchbox and @beautytruths, and include hashtag #AskMereadesso when you tweet your question. You’ll be automatically entered to win one of five gift sets (worth more than $165) featuring Mèreadesso’s cleansers and moisturizer!


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