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Scary: A Deadly Makeup Campaign

In the last year, the auto-industry has started to broadcast one important message to women everywhere: don’t apply makeup while you’re behind the wheel.

Now, KIA Canada has released a new campaign to underscore the message even more. The latest ads from KIA depict everyday products like lipstick and mascara doubling as weapons, with the tagline: “Applying Makeup While Driving Can Be Deadly.”

The powerful ads follow on the heels of two videos released earlier this year by Mini-Cooper and Volkswagen (you’ll want to watch both of these, trust me). The VW PSA, featuring Youtube makeup guru Nikkie, states ”more than 500,000 road crashes are caused by women drivers applying makeup.” Yikes!

The ads certainly make you think about the overall message, but I’m wondering if they moved beyond important warning into scare tactic territory.

What do you think of KIA Canada’s PSA?


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