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The Katie Holmes + Bobbi Brown Makeup Collection Has Arrived!

As children of the ’90s, we’ll admit that we’ve loved Katie Holmes ever since she stole our hearts as Joey on Dawson’s Creek—and that’s almost as long as we’ve adored Bobbi Brown Cosmetics. So imagine our delight when we found out earlier this month that the duo had joined forces.

Now, they’ve finally released the final product: A makeup collection for busy, everyday women to help them get a gorgeous, effortless Katie Holmes glow.

Our favorite part of the limited edition collection is the Bobbi & Katie palette ($68) for eyes, cheeks and lips. The set includes a combination of nudes, pinks and browns which makes it particularly easy to create a neutral, lady-like look. Plus It’s small enough to fit in your purse, so whether you’re rushing to work, doing a midday touchup, or transitioning from day to night, you can leave your full-blown makeup bag at home.

To snag the Bobbi & Katie collection for yourself, stop by a Bobbi Brown counter or visit


Looking for a more robust set of neutral colors? We love this game-changing palette from Coastal Scents.

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