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Say Hello To My All-Time Favorite Lipgloss: stila’s lip glaze


A fraction of my ever-growing stila collection. Shades from bottom to top:  joy, black cherry, and holly. 

Admitting you have a problem is half the battle—so here goes nothing: Hi, My name is Ally and I am a lipgloss addict. My obsession started in the 6th grade. It was Christmas. Deep within my stocking lurked something completely new—a Bonnie Bell Lip Smacker in Pink Lemonade. I can still remember the spot-on flavor and light pink sheen like it was, yesterday. One swipe and I. was. hooked. 

Throughout the years, I’ve gone through multiple Lip Smacker tubes, experimented with grown-up tints, and flirted with expensive designer varieties. And while there’s always at least three glossy options floating in the deep abyss that is my purse, I always make sure I have my favorite standby at the ready: stila’s glossy, oh-so-slightly-sticky lip glaze

Unlike my more fussy glosses, stila’s lip glaze is 100% melt-proof and extremely easy to apply. You just remove the cap, turn the applicator at its base, wait for the satisfying ”click,” and voila! Bonjour, shiny brilliance

As this picture can attest, I own several different shades. Right now, my hue of choice is Dreamy, a creamy, beige amaretto with subtle shimmer that you can score when you pick up our limited edition Head of the Class Birchbox.  

What’s your favorite lip gloss?


Check out even more of my favorite stila must-haves here. 

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