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Rejoice! A Line of Wrinkle Fighters For Ladies in Their 20s


From the importance of SPF to the wonders of dry shampoo, I’ve learned a lot during my time on Team Birchbox. Chief among them? The importance of starting an anti-aging routine in your 20s. I know, I know. I can hear the objections from hereWhat about throwing caution to the wind? What about youthful naiveté?

But during your 20s preventative care and early treatment can help you maintain that youthful glow well into your twilight years. We recently found out about a new line from cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Fredric Brandt that was created just for newbies to the anti-aging skincare game.

Dr. brandt’s XYY (xtend your youth) collection includes a combination cleanser and makeup remover, a hydrating face cream, and a lightweight eye cream. The best part? Each product is gentle enough for still-influx-skin, but powerful enough to combat the inevitable signs of aging—and it just landed in the Birchbox shop! 

Made with green tea, white tea, and grape seeds, the trio has 900 percent more antioxidant protection than commercial green tea and white tea extracts and it uses a blend of butters to diminishes the appearance of fine lines. 

Bottom line: stop wrinkles before they start and scoot on over to the Birchbox shop right now. 


For more cues on tackling wrinkles, checkout our primer on mapping out a skincare routine according to your age.

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