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Yikes! Plastic Surgery On Your Smile—The Hottest New South Korea Trend


It’s no secret that Korea is quickly becoming one of the cosmetic surgery capitals of the world—one in five women in Seoul have had some kind of procedure. (Case in point: the surprisingly homogeneous picture of the contestants from this year’s Miss Korea?) But the latest procedure, which Business Insider brought to our attention, really caught me by surprise. 

Apparently it’s now possible to adjust your smile by reshaping the corners of your mouth. If the sides of your lips angle down, it can make your lips look shorter and less full. This smile procedure adjusts the corners upwards to make lips look fuller, help cover your gums, and make you look like you’re smiling—even when you’re not. (Creepy much?) 

While I know that double eyelid surgery and jaw shaving are common in Korea, this is the first I’ve heard about smile adjustments. It somehow feels concerning to me that you would cut the corners of your mouth (probably because the first perma-smile image that comes to mind is one of Heath Ledger as the Joker in Dark Knight.)

But maybe it’s also because I watched this somewhat graphic informational video from Aone Plastic Surgery, a treatment center based in South Korea. The clip gives a very inside look at the procedure and walks you through everything that’s involved. Take a peek below to find out more: 

What are your thoughts on the mouth corner lift?


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