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Skin Rx: Your Memorial Day Skin Savers

We’re already looking forward to the long weekend — thinking about the cute nautical stripes and bright sunnies we’re going to be sporting, and all that yummy barbecue we’re going to eat. But first, a little PSA from our resident skin expert, Rachel. She’s got a list of the five skin products you must — must — keep on hand this weekend (that goes for vacationers and non-vacationers, alike!).

1. Sunscreen. Duh, you’re thinking. But odds are, you aren’t as vigilant with the SPF as you should be. This weekend you’re probably going to be outside picnic-ing, bbq-ing, or doing other fun stuff. And since it’s still late spring you’re not going to be slathering on the major sunblock — which is a big mistake. You can still get majorly burned when it’s cloudy or somewhat cool out, which is why you should slather on the block — SPF 30 or higher — and reapply through the day. Try Dr. Dennis Gross’s SPF 30 wipes, which won’t spill in your bag. Don’t forget your hands!

2. Antibacterial wipes. Not to be a total Dr. Dennis Gross fan girl (though I kind of am one), but I swear by Dr. Dennis Gross’s EZ4U towelettes, which help me quickly ‘wash’ my face when I’m traveling or running around town. Besides giving you a quick refresher, these portable wipes also prevent dirt and bacteria from clogging your pores. 

3. A very fashionable hat. Stay protected and on trend with a big floppy number like this chic Babajaan straw hat. For something a little more affordable, try this topper from Old Navy.  It’ll shield your skin AND your eyes — excellent double-duty.

4. SPF Lip balm. Yes, your lips get burned too (and chapped). Bonus: use this on the tops of your ears to prevent that oh-so-painful-and-gross ear peeling. We like Mission Skincare’s No Sting Sunscreen Face Stick, which works on face, lips, and anywhere else.

5. Facial Mist. It may seem a little dramatic to whip out a bottle and start spritzing yourself, but a hydrating facial mist is the best way to keep your skin from drying out. Instead of plain old Evian, which can actually dry out your skin, go for a spray with hyaluronic acid, heavy water, or essential oils. Lately, we’re addicted to By Elizabeth Dehn’s Face Spray and Sircuit Cosmeceutical’s Molecular Mist.

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