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A Day in the Life of My Skin: Guest Blogger

There’s something strangely fascinating about beauty routines; you never know when you’ll find a life-changing tip. Enter Catherine Conelly, beauty, love and health editor at SheKnows, a women’s lifestyle site that covers everything from fitness regimens to parenting advice and beyond. As soon as we caught sight of her bright complexion, we knew we had to find out her daily skincare routine. Here’s how she treats her skin day and night.


My mom used to have to force me to wear sunscreen, back when I thought being bronze translated to instant beauty. In those days, you knew anyone who came back from spring break with a tan had a first-rate vacation, so the two seemed to go hand-in-hand. If you didn’t come back tan, everyone might know you spent vacation inside watching sitcoms and reading books instead of going to pool parties and beach vacations.

As I grew up, I eventually realized that pale skin was considered just as, if not more, beautiful. That, combined with a growing fear of cancer and unnecessary wrinkles by 50, kicked me into proper skin care mode. Here’s how I’ve perfected my morning-to-night routine over the years.

In the Morning:

I break the cleansing-twice-a-day rule 90 percent of the time by not washing my face in the morning. At most, I’ll rinse. The reason being: I believe my skin needs the oils that I wake up with. By cleansing too often, you strip those oils off your face but if you let your skin be, it’s likely to know that it has what it needs and won’t overproduce. Depending on your skin type, you can even experiment with adding a few drops of natural oil to your moisturizer to trick your skin a bit.

Serums are next.

Serums are great for reversing existing damage as well as preventing new age spots in the depth the of your skin. I love PCA Skin C-Quench because it’s high in antioxidants, and my latest obsession is philosophy’s Time in a Bottle.

After I moisturize with Aubrey Organics Green Tea moisturizer, I apply all my makeup (with SPF) and set it with a rose water facial mist, which is also great to revive and hydrate your skin midday.

At Nighttime:

During the week, I try to wash my face the moment I get home from work instead of waiting until just before bed. The more time my skin can breathe, the happier it is. Though I will experiment with new cleansers often, the two I always have at home are Cetaphil’s gentle cleanser and 100% Pure’s green tea cleansing foam.

I slather on some Time in a Bottle again, mist, and moisturize. I’m also a long time fan of Indie Lee’s eye balm, which has a special place in my medicine cabinet. I’ll experiment with other brands, but always find myself going back to Indie Lee.

To elaborate, here’s how to layer your skincare products to get the most from them.

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