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"My Lipstick Story"

We love a bold lip. It attracts attention, brightens up the face, and just looks fantastic. But for the same reasons that lipstick is awesome, it can also be incredibly intimidating. That’s why were were so drawn to beauty vlogger and comedian Franchesca Ramsey's latest video, “My Lipstick Story.”

"My Lipstick Story" is about Ramsey’s insecurity about her lips growing up. To her, they looked like "identical burger buns" that didn’t need any more more attention with color. But a professional makeup session for a photoshoot last year changed all that and gave her the confidence to wear bold lipstick everyday. Our team can’t get enough of the ever-changing lipsticks in the video (think Beyonce’s Countdown video) and her inspiring monologue. 

For a while now, I’ve been fascinated with lipsticks. From the perfect classic red to the brightest neon pink, my beauty dream is to collect every single shade and color. But whenever opportunities to wear them come along (read: everyday), I swipe on a bright coral or deep plum and later wipe it right off in favor of a natural tint or a “my lips, but better” shade. You see, despite my love for lip color, the attention-drawing aspect of it intimidates me. I’ve always thought that it takes a certain confidence to pull off a bold lipstick, but while that may be true, Franchesca has inspired me to believe that a bold lip can also empower and make you feel beautiful too.

What’s your lipstick story? Tell us in the comments!


To ease into wearing brighter lip colors, I’m sporting these bold and easy-to-pull-off lipsticks.

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