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Introducing Skin Laundry: LA’s First-Ever Express Facial Spa

We’ve got contributing editor Natalie Alcala on speed-dial. Not only does the LA-based writer and blogger know the best places to score an unforgettable braid, she’s also discovered the secret to perfect skin from Hollywood’s elite. Every week, she’ll be cluing us in to the latest in West Coast fashion, beauty, and fun.


Thanks to spots like Blushington and Assembly Salon, time-saving beauty in LA has never been easier. The latest game-changer to hit the celeb-happy scene is Skin Laundry—a medical-approved skincare haven that provides 10-minute laser facials for $75 a pop.

Given that experiencing a high-end laser treatment for under $100 is pretty much unheard of ‘round these parts, I couldn’t resist taking the service for a spin. I’ll admit it—the laser part kind of scared me at first, but the RN instantly made me feel relaxed during the blink-and-it’s-done procedure. After a funny sensation (the laser feels kind of like a very tiny pinch) and an application of the most amazing cooling cream I’ve ever felt, I was out the door with a new glow in tow. I sat down with co-founders Chris Carey and Elson Lai to learn more about this exciting new concept. They currently only have locations in West Hollywood and Santa Monica, so fingers crossed that they expand to more cities soon.


What inspired you to create skin laundry?

Chris Carey (CC): “It was a combination of growing up in Southern California and our respective professional experiences. We knew we would have a good chance at success if we could combine an effective and affordable facial treatment for people on the go, with a cool and comfortable atmosphere.”

Who should go to Skin Laundry and how often should they go?

CC: “Anybody over the age 16 can try Skin Laundry. Best results can be seen on those with problematic skin issues such as acne, malasma, blemishes and acne scars. Skin Laundry believes that more consistent treatment for those with problematic skin will allow them to enjoy healthier skin, which is less prone to breakouts, more even skin tone, and reduced pore size.”

What sets SL apart from other facial spas?

CC: “There is nothing like it! We offer a 10-minute laser medical facial in a cool and comfortable environment where the first session is always on the house. We have a medical director on staff, who is always available. Our RN staff is highly trained and will answer any and all questions you have. Our iPad check-in is paperless and about as painless as the treatment itself. The music is always up and the chairs are always cozy.”

Is the procedure safe?

Elson Lai (EL): “The laser and light machines are both FDA approved and are completely safe when delivered responsibly. The Medical Director and RNs are all trained by the laser company to deliver the laser and the Registered Nurses are trained by board certified doctors to deliver the treatments to Skin Laundry specifications.”

How long should you avoid makeup or lotions/serums after getting a service?

EL: “Clients can apply makeup and products immediately afterwards but a majority of people do not because their face is super clean so they don’t want to put anything on it. We apply sunscreen after the treatment.”

What is the biggest misconception about skincare?

EL: “There’s a common misconception that skincare, and specifically facials, need to take 50 minutes to be effective. We do medical-grade facials and focus on results without downtime, so we’re able to serve people who have busy schedules and don’t have an hour to do traditional facials.”

In your opinion, which celebs have the best skin in the biz?

"It’s hard to say. Makeup does wonders and covers up a lot! We are trying to show clients that you don’t need makeup to look good. ‘Laundering’ your skin at Skin Laundry gives it that healthy, radiant glow."

—Natalie Alcala

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