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What’s in Her Bag? Intern Diaries

You might recall the Birchbox Intern Diaries with former editorial intern Charisse. Now our summer interns Julia, Katrina, and Geraldine are heroically taking over the series (though without a camera). Every Thursday, they’ll be sharing their discoveries from around the Birchbox office. Today, they’re checking out what’s in BB staffers’ personal handbags.

Since we started interning at Birchbox, we confess to feeling a bit awestruck by our stylish fellow staffers. And what better way to get a glimpse into their glamorous lives than to sneak a peek at the contents of their purses? These three staffers have the most lust-worthy bags we’ve seen yetand some interesting stories to boot. 


My purse is limited edition red Balenciaga with rose gold hardware, and my wallet is from one of my favorite French Moroccan-inspired brands, Manoush—I’m even wearing a necklace from their Paris store right now! I’ve had these Celine sunglasses for about 6 months (pre-Amanda Bynes). I go to SoulCycle about 3 times a week and I love the headband because it doesn’t leave a crease—which means that I can just spray some dry shampoo (Klorane is my favorite) and go. I can never have enough lip products. This pouch is just a fraction of my collection. Right now, I love Jouer’s SPF 15 Lip Sheer in “Maui”—it’s the perfect sheer nude pink to go with my faux tan.

Rachel Liverman, Director of Beauty Partnerships


This Tory Burch purse goes with practically everything I own. I always have this poker chip from the Bellagio everywhere I go because it brings good luck. Tatcha Blotting Papers are great when I need to refresh my face after a long day. And the Stila One Step Bronze is perfect when I need a little color. You can just throw it on at before meeting friends for dinner. I also keep a pair of earrings—because you never know when you’ll need a sparkly touch to your outfit. I wear the Jawbone Up, which tracks how active I am during the day and how well I’m sleeping at night.

Dana Aidekman, Merchandising & Marketing Associate


This Louis Vuitton purse has been with me since 2005. Flats are always a must-carry because it’s NYC and you walk a lot. I always have tons of lip products in my bag, but I switch them out according to my mood. Today it’s peachy corals; other times it’s nudes and neutrals. The Laqa Pinkman and Mirenesse Flirty Kiss are from my pinky, red phase last week. Brows are my beauty focal point, so I keep this travel sized IT Cosmetics brow pencil on me for touch ups. My hairstylist taught me this little trick: If your hair has lost its curl, roll it up and pin it in a place. Take it out and voila! Captain Blankenship sea salt spray gives my hair a bit more texture. Wow, that’s actually a lot of stuff.

—Ashley Alston, Merchandising & Marketing Manager

And now over to you: What’s in your purse? 

—Geraldine, Katrina, & Julia

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