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The Newest Skincare Ingredient You Have to Know About


Keeping track of skincare terminology can be tricky—from retinol to hyaluronic acid and all the different peptides, you end up scanning the label for benzoyl peroxide and feeling like you need a degree in dermatology just to buy face wash. The latest question-causing ingredients on our radar are ceramides. To cut through the confusion, our editor Amary did a little digging to find out why we need these fat molecules for a whole host of things including “strengthening skin’s natural barrier, sealing in moisture and keeping out harmful microbes.”

Now that you know you should be using products with ceramides in them, it’s time to figure out which products are best for you. One of our favorite skincare lines, Dr.Jart+, has two Ceramidin products: a cream and a liquid. Ah! Which one to use? How are they different? We reached out to the experts at Dr.Jart+ and found that the liquid should be applied first, after your cleanser, thanks to its light, serum-like texture. Apply the cream second, to seal in moisture before applying your BB cream or foundation. 


Learn more about ceramides and why we’re so excited about them in the Birchbox Magazine.

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