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Test-Driving Pureology’s Reviving Red Line


My first experience with a color depositing shampoo and conditioner was on a trip to Sydney a few years ago. One of my hosts had the kind of natural auburn hair that so many women—including myself—pay hundreds of dollars to achieve. She used color-enhancing products in the shower to keep the saltwater from lightening her pretty strands. I decided at that point to start using them to keep my own stylist-achieved burgundy hue from fading.

Now, just to clarify, there’s a difference between shampoos and conditioners that are color protecting and those that are color depositing. The latter use dyes to lightly coat your hair every time you use them and most of these products add pigment during the conditioner phase. When washing with a depositing product, a wide tooth comb becomes your best friend because tangled hair will produce uneven results. My colorist once told me, completely horrified, that I had created orange polka dots on my head due to uneven application. (Side note: Since these products contain dye, any dollop you drop onto the tub needs to come off pronto. Otherwise, you’ll need to scrub down your hands afterwards.)

After the orange polka dot debacle, my colorist made me promise to only use these products at the end of my color’s lifespan. You’re paying a professional for color, so why go home and apply over it?


Now I only use these fade-fighters on an as-needed basis, but they’re still an important part of my routine. The newest addition to my shower’s lineup is Pureology’s Reviving Red Line. These products take a different approach to color depositing. The sulfate-free Shamp’Oil contains jaljala oil and lycopene to combat lightening while the Reflective Conditioner hydrates and detangles hair. But neither of these products deposit colorthey merely repair and seal the cuticle to keep your red looking radiant.

The real stars of the line are the Reflect Enhancers, which are color boosters and meant to only be used once a week. I love that these are separate from the other products because you can add the booster when you actually have the time to make sure it’s properly applied instead of rushing and ending up with spotty hair. Another plus: The enhancers come in two different shades, a copper and a deeper red, which help to guarantee a better match.

Overall, I’d highly recommend color depositing products to anyone with colored hairespecially faux redheads. They really allow you to extend the life of your latest dye job and after successfully using Pureology Reviving Red line for several weeks now, I can confidently say that orange spots are a thing of my past. 


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