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How to Fake a Tan Without Sunless Tanner: GIF Tutorial

We’ll never tire of video tutorials, but sometimes we want a step-by-step that we can move through at our own pace. Enter: gif tutorials. Like videos, they make it easy for us to imitate the motions, but we don’t have to press pause every time we need to take a second look. Plus, they’re pretty fun to watch. Our new series will show how to get our favorite looks—from braids to cat eyes to sunless tanning—in simple, gif-tastic ways.



Summer calls for a number of sleeveless occasions and sometimes we just don’t have time to go through the whole process of fake tanning to get that pretty bronzed glow. Enter: Caudalie Divine Legs. Part skin-firming lotion and part bronzer, this lightweight lotion gives limbs a subtle glow that even the palest of ladies can appreciate. 

And despite its name, there’s no reason you can’t use this lotion on your arms. In fact, we encourage it! Read on to see how editor Lorelei gets her arms bronzed and even in just a few minutes. 


1. Grab your Caudalie Divine Legs and pump a small amount of lotion into your palm. And don’t worry about accidentally staining your hands — this innovative formula washes right off with soap and water!


2. Apply lotion onto clean and dry skin. To ensure a flawless finish, use an exfoliator like Caudalie Divine Body Scrub prior to application to prep and smooth skin.


3. Immediately begin rubbing the lotion into your skin in small, circular motions. If you want a slightly more bronzed look, feel free to apply another layer or two before the previous one has dried. 


4. Wait a minute or two and celebrate your freshly tanned skin with spirit fingers!


Best of all, this quick-drying lotion won’t rub off on even your whitest of outfits. Consider your summer look complete!


Baring more than just your legs this summer? Check out our tips and tricks to confidently show some serious skin.

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