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5 Ways to Get Your Best Summer Skin Yet


In the summer, my skincare routine goes into overdrive. Extended exposure to Mr. Sun isn’t very kind to our complexions. On top of that, I’m even more prone to breaking out during the hottest months of the year. That’s why I’ve rounded up some of my favorite tips for taking care of my skin and feeling confident even in the sweltering heat!

1. 5 Ways to Avoid Breaking Out in the Summer

Summer breakouts are the worst. This year I’m getting ahead of the breakouts with these tips for avoiding them before they start. One of my favorite products is Vivant Skin Care’s Green Tea Antioxidant Cleanser. Green tea is great for acne prone skin since it helps calm inflammation and redness, plus the honey in this cleanser helps hydrate my skin leaving it super smooth.

2. Top 6 Reasons to Use Sunscreen

We all know the drill: Sunscreen is a must during the summer. However, you might not be applying or reapplying as often as you should! 

3. How To: Get Rid of Shiny Skin in the Summer 

I have oily skin so I constantly worry that I’m blinding someone from the shine on my face. Summer heat does nothing to help the situation. I love these tips for minimizing the shine and getting a matte look year round. 

4. Dermalogica’s Tips For Exfoliating and Cleansing

My skin handles a lot in the summer: skincare products, sunscreen, makeup, and oil. At the end of a hot day, I love being able to take it all off and let my skin breathe. Dermalogica’s tips for properly exfoliating and cleansing are super helpful for making sure that I’m effectively removing everything I need to. 

5. DIY Acne Scar Fading Mask + Quick Acne Tips! | AndreasChoice

There’s nothing worse than healing your acne and still having to deal with the aftermath of scarring. I love anything DIY so I’m sharing this awesome papaya enzyme mask tutorial that helps naturally fade scars from YouTube beauty guru AndreasChoice. You’ll be flaunting beautiful glowing skin in no time!


Makeup in the summer can sweat right off! Here are ways to Keep Summer Makeup From Slip-Sliding off Your Face.

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