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From Picnic to Party: 3 Products to Help You Freshen Up Fast


For Manhattanites, summers are all about heading to Central Park and staking out a spot on the Great Lawn. (When you don’t have a beach, a grassy patch of ground is an excellent stand-in). While we love taking full advantage of sunny days, impromptu picnics pose a major challenge when we need to get to our next fete without looking like a hot mess.

To tackle this challenge head on, we’re relying on these purse companions to to get us from point A (picnic bliss) to point B (cocktail hour) looking fresh: 

Nomaterra Eau de Parfum Fragrance Wipes

To avoid unfortunate body odors post-sweaty afternoon, we’re opting for simple, clean fragrances. Niche Brooklyn-based perfumery Nomaterra has two travel-inspired scents that fit the bill: Miami and East Hampton. East Hampton pairs bright citrus notes with sweet jasmine, while Miami layers pink grapefruit and warm sandalwood. But what makes these scents so handy is that they come in towelettes—no awkward spill-prone spray bottles necessary. Simply open the packet and sweep the perfume-spilled wipe across your neck, wrists, and other pulse points. 

FRAIS Hand sanitizer EVERYDAY

This savvy Australian brand adds a high-end touch to the crucial (but too often ho-hum) products that make up our list of essentials. To wit: Their dermatologist-approved hand sanitizer. Made with eco-friendly sugarcane, these germ fighters get your hands squeaky clean without causing dryness or leaving behind a harsh chemical smell.  

Niche For Men Male Deodorizing Wipes

This is one of our best kept secrets, much like OscarPRGirl’s love of Old Spice. Don’t let the macho factor turn you off, these great-smelling wipes are designed to curb excessive perspiration—and they really work. They’re also extra transportable for times when you really can’t afford the space for a deodorant stick.  


If we have time to stop at home for a quick shower, we’ll add a finish touch of our favorite fragrance. We love Atelier Cologne’s orange sanguine for a night out.

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