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6 Seriously Helpful Haircare Tips from a Pro Stylist


Birchbox staffers are a fun and eclectic bunch, and come from a variety of fascinating backgrounds before they started here. Case in point? Operations associate all-star Amanda Bergen. Prior to moving to the Big Apple (and promptly getting scooped up by the Birchbox team), the Michigan native whipped lame locks into shape as a professional hairstylist. When we found out about her amazing past, we knew we had to get her to spill her top tips:

1. Use a conditioner every time you wash your hair. Amanda explained, “A lot of people think it will weigh down their hair, but conditioner smoothes frayed cuticle and locks-in moisture.” For fine hair, she recommends using a lightweight, fortifying formula like Kérastase’s Age Premium Lait Substantif, TreatStart by putting it halfway down your hair shaft and working it up—this way the formula won’t saturate your roots, where grease tends to accumulate.
2. Always give your stylist a 20 percent tip. She cautions, “if you’re not loving the outcome of your service be vocal about it. Remember, you’re representing a stylist’s work and they would gladly take the time to correct any color or cut mishaps.” And what about those assistant stylists who wash and dry your hair? “For just shampooing, a couple dollars should suffice. Beyond that, tip 10-20 percent of what the service would cost on it’s own.” 
3. Cutting your hair often does not make it grow faster. The savvy stylist was quick to dispel this myth. But,”you still need to keep up on your trims. If you wait too long between haircuts the higher your split ends will have worked their way up your hair, and the more you will have to have cut.”
4. Use products specifically for your hair type. “Think about your biggest concerns and try products that specifically treat that condition. For example, if your hair is really damaged try a reparative system.” Among Birchbox staffers, Kérastase’s Bain Chorma Riche system (which includes the Cleanse shampoo, Masque conditioner, and Réflection Chroma Cristal serum) is a favorite since it repairs damaged, color-treated strands.  
5. Always, always, always use a heat protectant. Most heat styling tools reach temperatures hot enough to bake a cake—ouch! Amanda warns, “if you don’t use a protectant as a barrier, you’re risking serious hair damage.”
6. Think of your products as an investment. ”People always ask why salons brands are so expensive. The truth is, it really comes down to the quality of the ingredients.” Do a little research (or perhaps a little sampling? Wink, wink!) and commit to a topnotch regime. It’ll make a huge difference and plus, you’ll feel super luxe every time you hop into the shower. 
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