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While You’re Waiting to See Halle Barry’s Wedding Dress, Get Her Signature Look


The newlywed at 2013 Oscar awards. (Photo: Corbis/hutchinsphoto)

I’ve been a huge Halle Berry fan since her scene-stealing turn in 1999’s Bulworth. So when I heard via The National Enquirer (yes, I am proudly subscribe to their emails) that the Oscar-winner recently tied the knot, I immediately launched into amateur sleuth mode. Translation: I trolled celebrity gossip sites for hours. 

My digging unearthed some juicy tidbits about the nuptials, but not the one thing I was really looking for: a picture of the radiant bride in her wedding dress. Drats! While I await more details, I opted to try and recreate the leading lady’s signature look for myself.

Besides her killer physique and A-list smile, Berry always sports glowing skin, peachy cheeks, and a badass ‘do. While Berry’s flawless complexion is a gift of genetics, I have a few tricks for warming up my cubicle pallor and giving it that lives-on-green-juice effect. I start with a shimmer-free bronzer or a gradual sunless tanner—lately, I’ve been loving Whish’s SPF 15 Self Tanner. The silky formula doesn’t have the funky smell associated with most faux glow products. Again, I don’t have Berry’s enviable décolletage but I can play up my assets by swiping a cream highlighter like rms beauty™ Living Luminizervertically down the center of my chest. I finish by dusting a loose bronzer like this one from Ada Cosmetics along my collarbones. 

Now, time to recreate those dewy cheeks. I find a buildable, cream-to-powder blush works best. I glide Benefit’s Fine One One along my cheekbones and blend with my fingertips. For more application pointers, check out this video guide

Berry’s trademark pixie cut makes a head-turning statement but if you have medium or long hair, you can try a faux hawk instead. This look is all about volume, texture, and teasing. I start with a healthy dose of Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray, then pull up my top layer of hair and clip the bottom section out of the way. I use a teasing brush to comb from top to bottom in short, firm strokes, repeating until the entire crown is back-combed. Next, I smooth the top section back and secure with a couple bobby pins. The rest of my hair gets swept into a ponytail or bun. 

Now I’ve got a great look but I still want to get a peek at that dress!


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