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Friday Funday: 4 Ice Cream-Inspired Manis

Stop everything: did you know that July is National Ice Cream Month (aka the best month ever!?) We’re happily supporting this frozen treat initiative by eating the confection everyday. And since we’ve got ice cream on the brain all the time, we’re keeping the cravings at bay just a tiny bit with this delicious looking roundup of ice cream nail art:

Self-Scoop Cone by Lulu’s

These scoops and cones are cool graphics on their own, but summer magic happens when you get to put them together.

Ice Cream Sundaes by Kayla Shevonne

We’re transporting ourselves to a retro ice cream parlor with these striped pastel nails. Plop a cherry or some sprinkles on top and you’re good go!

Chocolate Drips by College Fashion

Sweeten up your look with a drizzle of chocolate syrup. Be as creative as you want. We’re loving the strawberry syrup statement nail.

Mint Chocolate Chip by This is Bisque

Despite its name, the star of this mani is the waffle cone. Feel free to try other ice cream colors. After all, any flavor can match with a delicious base.

Which manicure is your favorite? Would you try any of these?


Ice cream nails aside, would you try a nail ring?

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