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The Longest Lasting Blush You’ll Ever Own


There are people that are fair and then there are people that are extra super fair. I fall into the latter camp, which means that blush is a non-negotiable part of my beauty routine. If I leave the house in the morning and forget to add a little color to my cheeks, I’ll have at least two people ask me, “Meredith, are you feeling alright?” The answer is yes, I feel totally fine, I just happen to be exceptionally pale, thankyouverymuch

For that reason, I need a blush that stays put. While I love the soft subtle look of powder blush, they generally don’t last me through the day. But theBalm cosmetic’s Instain is completely different—it has all the long-lasting ability of a staining formula, but comes in powder form. Innovative, right? Just like any other blush compact, you apply Instain with a brush, but here’s a very important tip: act fast. Once the color sets a few seconds after application, it doesn’t budge. And I mean it does not move. Also, start with less than you think you need and apply with a brush so you can really blend and gradually build up the color. I’m currently in Florida celebrating the long holiday weekend and I can personally attest to the fact that these hues hold up against humidity, heat, and a full day, no problem. And good news: Some of you will be receiving Instain as a sample in your June Birchbox!


My two favorite shades so far for day-to-day are Argyle and Houndstooth. Argyle has a great rosy pink and cheery quality, which is basically the makeup equivalent to an instant pick-me-up. Houndstooth, on the other hand, is a little more sophisticated and mauve, and has an ever-so-slight pearlescence to it. I’m also carrying Swiss Dot around in my makeup bag for the next time I go out at night. It’s definitely more eye-catching than the other two shades, but a really lovely (and quite summery) rusty tangerine color. 

What’s your favorite blush? Is it extra long-lasting? 


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