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ABC’s Revenge Gets A Perfume


The Birchbox staff loves Revenge. From the amazing clothes to the plot twists, it’s an office-wide obsession. Even though we always tune in, we never saw this coming: The show has just launched its own perfume called Double Infinity. (For those who aren’t fanatics, the fragrance’s name is a reference to a symbol that has significant meaning within the storyline.)

While we get the whole wanting to smell like a celebrity thing, we’re a little confused about who would want to smell like a television series. But if this is supposed to be the stunning Emily Thorne’s (a.k.a. Emily Van Camp’s) signature scent, then we definitely need to smell it. 

Available now at Kohls, the perfume includes notes of jasmine, peony, and pink pepper as well as citrus notes like grapefruit and orange blended into the mix. 

Would you wear a perfume inspired by a tv show? 


Speaking of our favorite TV dramas, did you know that we’re partnering with USA network’s Suits in July? 

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