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4 Stain-Fighting Tips from The Laundress

We’ve all been there: You’re jiving to the electric slide at a pal’s wedding, overflowing glass of red wine in-hand when—SPLAT!—your tasty merlot ends up all over your silk dress. Fret not, stain-busting experts and The Laundress cofounders Lindsey Boyd and Gwen Whiting share their secrets for removing everything from a waterproof mascara smudge to sweat-induced discoloration. 

1. Keep Your Stain-Fighters Close

Like your trusty powder compact, make space in your purse for The Laundress Wash and Stain Bar. This ace multitasker eliminates stains in tough-to-reach places and is perfect for hand-washing while you’re away from home. To combat tannin-based stains (think: coffee, tea, and juice) stash the slim The Laundress Stain Solution in your suitcase. The formula uses biodegradable, plant-based surfactants to loosen stain particles from all types of clothing, from cashmere to cotton. 

2. Beauty Product Boo-Boos

Lotion, deodorant, and makeup can leave behind unsightly smudges. To easily spot treat while on-the-go, wet the bar and work the formula into the stained area(s). Then use a wet wash cloth to gently work out the stain—and voila! 

3. Pit Stops

As the thermostat rises, our sweat glands go into hyperdrive—forcing us to sacrifice many a white tank top by the end of the summer. Rather than sweating the small stuff (get it?), Gwen and Lindsey suggest pretreating areas where you know you might get perspiration discolorations with their wash and stain bar. (The, err, armpit and lower back area come to mind). First, wet the bar and work into the soon-to-be stained area(s). Then soak the item and launder as normal. 

4. Tending to Your Delicates

For most of us, that “dry clean only” tag really means “not gonna happen.” Fortunately, these ladies let us in on an insider tip: many dry-clean only items can really be washed at home—without toxic chemicals or the extra expense—if the right cleansers are used. As above, the duo recommends gently massaging an already wet wash and stain bar on tough food, makeup, or dirt marks. Then, fill your sink basin with lukewarm water and soak for 30 minutes. Rinse well, but do not wring out the item. Instead, press the water out and then lay flat to dry. 


Don’t neglect your négligée. When it comes to your delicates and unmentionables, try The Laundress's Delicate Wash.

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