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Guest Blogger: Become LivLunaFit From The Inside Out

We knew we liked LivLuna when we first read their mantra: “A digital tribe of fun fearless females who love natural beauty, healthy fitness and food, body positivity, yoga, eco-fashion, and social justice.” That’s why we’re super excited to have them guest blogging for us this week on a variety of topics, from eating healthily (and without guilt!) to their editors’ fave eco-friendly fashion finds. As for today, they’re sounding off on perhaps the most important message of all: being happy with yourself the way you are.

Photo: Michelle, LivLuna's fitness expert

The average American girl starts dieting when she’s eight years old; 78% of seventeen year old girls are unhappy with their bodies; and one out of four college-aged women have an eating disorder. Why do so many of us only see the imperfections when we look in the mirror? Why are negative thoughts about our appearance wasting so much of our time?

We see up to 600 airbrushed ads a day—no wonder our concept of beauty has become distorted, photoshopped, absurd, and omnipresent. We’re inundated with media telling us to lose this, tone that, shrink to this size, count calories, starve, suck it in, get in shape for bikini season — Enough of the guilt and fat talk already. The emphasis should not be on being a certain size and losing weight, but on how to be the healthiest, fittest, most happy and energetic version of yourself possible.

We guarantee extreme dieting, obsessive calorie counting, and working out like a maniac won’t do that. LivLuna believes that skinny does not equal healthy. Fit equals healthy, and fitness—like beauty—comes in different shapes and sizes. Next time you feel guilty, criticize yourself, or have negative self talk circling in your brain regarding food, your body, face, hair, all the things you want to change, or improve, or get rid of—STOP—take a deep breath, and tell yourself: I’m beautiful already. This body, including my soft jiggly bits, is hot! It takes time and effort, but you can reprogram your mind to be body positive.

LivLuna’s energy-filled fitness expert, Michelle, is all about health from the inside out. In our Dream Body video, she turns this concept on its head—can you imagine what your dream body feels like? Watch Michelle as she redefines SexyFit, demystifies Core Strength, and start feeling LivLunaFit!

Whether you’re working your mind or working your body, be sure to stock up on all the products you need to feel great by visiting our Birchbox Shop.

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