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Do You Have A Signature Lipstick?: Guest Blogger

As soon as we came across Rachel Phipps’ lifestyle, foodie, and travel blog, we knew we were hooked. It sent us down the rabbit hole to The Glossy Guide, a beauty blog created by the British style maven and her best friend. From secret steals to haute products, she’s sharing some of her best insights here with us this week!


Everyone is always going on and on about how you should identify your signature scent, but it’s really more important to find your perfect lipstick. I discovered mine when I was 17 and while I love playing around with bright retro reds, deep vampy burgundies, and pretty pinks, I always go back to my signature shade: MAC’s Satin lipstick in Brave

I came across my shade when I went on a back-to-school shopping trip with my mom at the mall near my house. I was about to start my last year of high school, and while my alma mater has a really strict dress code (my uniform included a winger collar fastened with a brooch!), girls were allowed to wear natural-looking makeup. That’ why it became my mission to find something that was noticeable but not overdone. I wore Brave practically every day to school because it’s the perfect dusty pink and non-glossy, so it blended with my skin tone. After graduating, I could have chosen any color under the sun to wear (no more dress code!), but I still find myself reaching for the familiar black bullet every morning.

Do you have a signature shade? 

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