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Packing List: Ecuador!

imageToday, I’m hopping on a plane and heading to Ecuador’s hermoso capital city Quito for a dear friend’s wedding. In addition to comfy walking shoes (I plan to do a lot of solo exploring) and my trusty passport, here are some of the travel must-haves I’ll be stashing in my carry-on: 

1. Oscar de la Renta Something Blue

According to our friends at The Knot, it’s a faux pas to attend a wedding empty handed. With that in mind, I’m packing this timeless scent to hand over to the bride-to-be on the big day. Inspired by the iconic designer’s silk and lace wedding gowns, the refined blend has sparkling notes of mandarin, linden blossom, and bourbon vanilla. 

2. Miracle Skin Transformer™ Treat & Conceal Eye & Face

While I’m a huge fan of super sleek travel bags (think: a classic Longchamp tote), I’m not so crazy about under eye baggage. To erase travel-induced puffiness and dark circles, I’m keeping this little wonder close by. The intensely pigmented formula rehydrates tired skin and calm inflammation.

3. Jouer Luminizing Moisture Tint

A Birchbox best-seller, this shimmery base masks flaws, moisturizes, and guards against UV damage with SPF 15. 

4. Mirenesse Glossy Kiss

Classic red lips transcend all cultural barriers and effortlessly jazzes up any outfit. Made without harmful parabens or drying alcohol, Flirty Kiss imparts a true red that stays put for hours. Bonus: it doubles as a dreamy cheek stain.

5. Tweezerman Filemate

Vacation or not, I believe that sleek-looking tootsies are a must all year long. These compact little files smooth unexpected chips and snags. 

6. Glee Gum Sugar-Free Glee Case

Despite logging plenty of frequent flyer miles, I’m still a pretty nervous flyer. I’ve discovered that focusing on a single, repetitive action (ie: chewing) helps alleviate panic attacks. The moment turbulence strikes I plan on whipping out this all-natural and sugar-free gum. Plus, fresh breathe is never a bad thing. 

7. From-Across-the-Pond Gossip Magazines

Perez Hilton and TMZ have nothing on British tabloid magazines. Whenever I’m traveling, I always load up on this guilty-pleasure to help pass the the time. 

8. ORIGINS Clear Improvement® Active Charcoal Mask

In between hiking expeditions and day trips to the beach (jealous?), I’m going to treat myself to a relaxing DIY spa sesh with this mask. The luxe formula uses white China clay and charcoal to detox skin and flush out impurities.

9. SW Basics Lip Balm

Located 900-feet above sea level, Quito is known for it’s cool and arid climate. To stave off chapped lips, I’ll be applying (and reapplying) SW Basics all-natural balm. It soothes dry, cracked mouths without depositing tacky residue or excess shine. 


Your minor beauty battles—dryness, oil slicks, blemishes—only get worse when you’re traveling. That’s why we asked three veteran globe-trotters to share the road-tested essentials they rely on to look georgeous.

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