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Birchbox Staffers’ Summer Guilty Pleasures


I love beach days and ice cream cones as much as anyone, but for me summer means escaping into the delicious cool of a movie theater, settling in with an outrageously large bucket of popcorn, and giving in to the flash-bang-ridiculousness of silly action flick. It’s no surprise that my weekend plans involve seeing both Fast and the Furious 6 and Man of Steel.

Here’s what some other Birchbox staffers love about summers past and present. 

"When I think summer, I think summer camp! My favorite summer pastime is swimming in cold lakes on hot days." —Hayley

"Dirty gin martinis and Cadbury Crunchie Bars." —Dana

"Dawson’s Creek on Netflix!" —Kendall 

"Eating strawberry FrozFruit bars is both my guilty pleasure AND brings back fun memories of being a kid at the local pool club. Among all of my activities at the pool club I always made time for a FrozFruit bar!" —Brittany

"Any summer action blockbuster that includes blowing stuff up, action heroes, end of the world theme, etc. Bonus if it includes Channing Tatum or Chris Evans. Also, Tang. Only during the summer!" —Leah C.

"The ocean and Coke Icees." —Kari

"This is realy hard for me to admit but I think my summer guilty pleasure is…Chubbies.” —Martin

Lounging poolside in Jersey City, with an ice cold beer in hand, and a view of the New York skyline.” —Ariel

Mario’s blue raspberry Italian ice from the beachside snack bar in my Connecticut hometown. Never mind that blue raspberries don’t exist in nature—that flavor was all I wanted as a kid.” —Bene

"Reading trashy novels on the beach!  I am a huge Janet Evanovich fan…And popsicles are one cool treat that brings me back to summers as a kid. I just discovered popbar and am obsessed—they have sophisticated and decadent popsicles for grownups!” —Savannah

Lime popsicles from bodegas…and jorts!” —Audrey

Schlepping home a humongous watermelon, slicing it up and eating it for the rest of the week.” —Elizabeth P.


Sitting by the pond on the Boston Common, feeding the ducks.” —Matt K.

Summers remind me of drinking Tecates and eating discada under an El Paso sunset.” —Yannell

Superhero movies. Seriously. In the middle of the day to escape the unbearable heat. And a huge tub of popcorn.” —Christine

Trashy romance novels, celebrity gossip magazines, giant sun hats, and frozen drinks that are basically just sugar and alcohol (maybe with a piece of fruit floating in it).” —Alina

Lobster rolls, iced tea, dippin’ dots, and good music.” Jennie W.

What about you? What are you looking forward to this summer?


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