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Everything You Need to Know About Threading: The Brow-Waxing Alternative


I’ve mentioned on the blog before that I have frustratingly sensitive, breakout-prone skin. But what I haven’t talked about is another one of my most bashful beauty secrets: I inherited fantastically bushy eyebrows from my dad.

You might say, “But Candice, I haven’t seen those crazy brows in a Birchbox video before!” (At least hopefully! Maybe you have seen them? Eek.) But I’ve been able to shape and manage those tiny caterpillars—sans wax-induced breakouts—thanks to the Indian art of threading.

Threading is pretty much what it sounds like: using a thin cotton thread to remove hair. Aestheticians hold one end of the thread between their teeth and create a few twists in the string. They then roll that twisted section along errant hairs, plucking them from your brow area, upper lip, sideburns and anywhere else you may need. A whole session lasts less than 10 minutes. 

In New York, there are threading salons peppered throughout the city. It’s one of the most convenient and inexpensive ways to get your brows done. And for anyone with finicky skin or who uses skin-peeling medications like Retin-A like me, threading is (in my opinion) the best way to keep your brows in shape. 

On a recent last-minute trip to Los Angeles, I was in desperate need of a clean-up so I polled all the West Coasters on our team. The verdict:  Ziba Beauty, the pre-eminent SoCal threading salon that’s also the brand behind Sumita Beauty cosmetics line. While I love my New York threading spots, I have to admit that Ziba Beauty took it one step better. 

Not only did Pushpa, my lovely aesthetician, immediately offer me hand sanitizer when I sat down—you’re often asked to gently hold your eyelid during the service—which no one had ever done before, but I also had one of the least painful threading experiences ever. (My brows also looked the best they have in months.) Pushpa also gently smoothed Sumita’s Protect Face and Eye cream—packed with shea butter and vitamin C—onto any red spots on my face after she finished. Unlike the questionable and goopy aloe gels most salons here carry, the lotion quickly calmed any irritation down in a few minutes. 

Are you a fan of threading? Do you have any favorite spots in New York or elsewhere in the country? Tell us in the comments!


(Photo: Ziba Beauty)

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