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6 Unexpected Summer Beauty Essentials You Need Right Now


Will Smith said in it best in his smooth ’90s hit Summertime, "Summer, summer, summertime. Time to sit back and unwind." Take a cue from the former-Fresh Prince of Bel Air and adopt an equally breezy beauty routine. From an instantly calming body lotion to an exfoliating lip scrub, here are our top hot-weather essentials. 


Violet Oasis Therapeutic Body Butter 

For us, summer means prancing around in our slimmest sandals. While we love showing off our cutest footwear collections, constant exposure to the elements can leave our soles in bad shape. To cure rough callouses, dry skin, and sore arches, treat your tootsies to a DIY pedicure—and foot rub—then follow with a healthy dollop of this nourishing, rich body butter. 


Youngblood Hi-Definition Hydrating Mineral Perfecting Powder

Here’s an all-too familiar summer scenario: You follow your go-to beauty routine—only to find your face has had a serious oil spill by noon. Stash this skin-flattering, mineral powder in your purse to combat any unexpected shine. The translucent powder won’t change the color of blush or your foundation and it expertly takes away excess grease to keep your makeup looking like you just applied it.


29 Preserves First Crush Grape Seed Age Protecting™ Lip Scrub

It’s time to bid adieu to those flaky, parched lips. This gentle lip scrub buffs away dead skin cells to leave you with a silky, revitalized pout. Plus, it’s rich in antioxidants, which means the skin-repairing properties that you’re getting give you more than just a surface cleanup.

LAQA & Co. Lil’ Lip Duo

Punch up your summer wardrobe with this eye-catching lip pencil duo. Made with shea-butter complex, the hydrating formula keeps dry lips at bay dry and leaves behind a saturated, glossy color. The duo comes with two high-energy shades: Pinkman, a vivid fuchsia, and Lambchop, the brand’s signature hot pink.


L’OCCITANE Sublime Beauty Cream

By the time we’ve re-emerged from NYC’s busiest sauna (better known as the subway) our foundation looks sloppier than we’d like. Avoid this steamy weather-induced beauty blunder by swapping your heavy base makeup for this 3-in-1 BB cream from French brand L’Occitane. Bonus: the velvety formula is packed with complexion-saving SPF 30. 


stila coming clean™ revitalizing gel cleanser

So you made it through the day with your makeup and sanity relatively intact—woo hoo! Now it’s time to remove all that pore-clogging dirt and sweat. The formula we’ve been trusting with this heavy-handed task?Stila’s brand new gel cleanser. The gentle, sulfate-free formula is mild enough for sensitive skin and features a host of calming botanical extracts. 


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