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Yogi Mandy Ingber Tells Us How to Stay Zen and Score Jennifer Aniston’s Arms


The secret to your favorite celebrity’s luminous look? Sometimes it’s a cult highlighter—and other times, it’s the asanas she’s practicing. We caught up with Mandy Ingber—the LA-based yoga instructor who works with Hollywood’s most beautiful actresses—to get her insider beauty and wellness tips. Read on to find out how to maintain that “post-yoga glow,” the healthy (and easy) grub to grab when you’re on-the-go, and the number one move to get arms like Jennifer Aniston.

You work with some insanely fit celebrities—the incredibly toned Jennifer Aniston to name one. What yoga moves does she do to get those killer arms?

Sun Salutations are a series of poses that tone the body over-all (remember, we aren’t just a bunch of body parts!), yet the arms get very toned naturally from working with your own body’s weight. Sun salutations, plank, and side plank are all great for arms…and spinning is surprisingly amazing for the triceps.

In your new book, Yogalosophy: 28 Days to the Ultimate Mind-Body Makeoveryou talk a lot about the mind-body connection. What’s your secret to maintaining your zen—especially after the savasana is over?

It’s a constant practice of becoming present. I like the idea of setting intention for the day. Write a list of five things you are grateful for. Set an intention, not a goal per se, but a way that you would like to carry yourself throughout the day. It’s natural to forget, but when you remember that you are forgetting (when you grow impatient in traffic or get a phone call that is disappointing), recall that intention. We are not what happens to us, but we are how we respond. Drink lots of water and eat dark leafy greens. Believe it or not, when you cut down on the sugar, you will feel way more zen. To be honest, I fall off of the zen wagon all the time, but my recovery is faster with intention-setting. 

Yogis tend to have a permanent glow (and we’re betting it’s from all those vinyasas), but do you have any go-to beauty products that you use for staying radiant off the mat?

-I love Sidda Flower Essences: SLEEP because it helps me to fall asleep naturally. Sleep is essential. 

-All of the products at Queen Bee Salon are amazing, and especially their Epicurean line.

-Coconut oil can be used for EVERYTHING—in your cooking or for your skin, teeth, and gums. Two of my siblings do oil pulling, which requires 20-60 minutes of swishing it. I haven’t tried it, but I must.

When you’re short on time and need some clean fuel, what’s your favorite quick and healthy meal? Do you have a recipe?

For my on-the-go days (which are essentially every day), I love nuts. Cashews, almonds, walnuts, pistachios…I love ‘em. My quick fix at the market or airport: Kind Bar. They give me a sweet fix without too much sugar, and I love that you can actually see and pronounce the ingredients.

I also love broiled cauliflower drizzled with oil and rubbed with sea salt. It’s so simple: Break up the cauliflower, coat with oil and salt, and broil until browned. Comfort food without the carbs!

Another delish and nutrish option: Arugula salad with sliced avocado, chopped pecans, thinly sliced strawberries covered in oil/vinegar, and a little parmesan. And a piece of fish.

You’re on the road often—for client sessions, book tours, and media appearances. What are some of your tips for staying calm and making healthy choices while traveling?

1. Pack light. I dislike stressing over luggage. I bring a lot of lycra and luon! I choose clothes that fold easily and travel well. Clingy form-fitting stuff that takes up no room. I also choose 3-4 colors and stay with that theme for more outfit options.

2. Stretch or work out before the flight.

3. Drink a large bottle of water on the plane (hydrate!). 

4. Discover your new surroundings. Once I get to a city, I walk around for 30 to 60 minutes. I then feel I have arrived.

5. Create a morning ritual. This gives you consistency and grounding—something much needed when up-in-the-air. My ritual is: meditate and write a gratitude list. Exercise, including yoga, walking or the elliptical. A pot of green tea. Then I’m ready to go. 

6. Know your limitations. If I cannot fit in that one extra thing, I honor my body. In my mind, I may really want to do something, but I listen. 

7. Choose whole foods when you can—a half cup of brown rice as opposed to crackers or bread. It’s best to choose real food. If it looks like broccoli, that’s a good thing.


Want more zen? Find out more about Mandy Ingber’s “Yogalosophy” here, and if you’re in NYC, sign up here for her live Pure Yoga workshop on June 8 and 9.

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