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The Dry Shampoo I’m Using To Beat Greasy Summer Hair


I was a pretty late convert to dry shampoo—in all honesty, I was a Birchbox editor before I ever tried it. But the first time I spritzed one of these oil-absorbing products on my hair and watched my strands become instantly un-grimy, I became a loyal devotee.

Last summer, the sticky New York heat and a broken air conditioner left my hair clumped together, sticky and often matted to my head. (Ugh!) Which meant I was trying every dry shampoo I could get my hands on to prevent twice daily hair washing. Unfortunately I kept running into the same troubling issues: 1. The scent of each new option was usually incredibly overpowering and headache-inducing or 2. the super strong formulations left my head feeling itchy or uncomfortably texturized.

After roughly a year of experimenting with different dry shampoos, I had resigned myself to experiencing one of those two problems when I used them. But then another Birchbox staffer stealthily dropped Klorane’s Gentle Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk on my desk for a test drive—and it legitimately changed everything. (Major bonus? Some of you will be receiving it this month in your June Birchbox!)

The powder-based formula sops up oil and grease right away, cleaning hair sans water, while boosting volume and lightly texturizing strands. But while some dry shampoos leave hair feeling crunchy or brittle, Klorane’s spray uses oat milk to soften and protect locks instead.

My absolute favorite parts of this celebrity favorite dry shampoo though—it’s a Gwyneth Paltrow and Diane Kruger pick—is that the formula is made from pure botanicals and has a very pleasant fresh floral smell that dissipates almost immediately. And since it dries basically clear, I never have to deal with any frustrating white residue in my black hair. You can see why this bottle has become a power player on my hair styling team, right? (I should also mention that it’s taken my hair-washing routine from every other day, to once every three days—basically unheard of for me.)

Have you tried Klorane’s dry shampoo? Tell us what you thought in the comments!


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