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How Jennifer Aniston Prepared For Her Role As A Stripper

Jennifer Aniston has always had enviable abs. But for her role as an exotic dancer in the upcoming film We’re The Millers, the star had to take her usual workout routine to the next level. Instead of just going cardio crazy, the blonde bombshell turned to a new type of exercise: Yogalosophy.

A hybrid between yoga and calisthenics, Aniston’s trainer Mandy Ingber says of the practice, “It’s yoga paired with toning exercises, so people who were bored with yoga might try it, or people that were really into yoga might get a little extra workout.” The celeb and Ingber workout together about three times a week, but Ingber emphasizes that Yogalosophy is not a substitute for cardio. “I think that’s important too,” she says. 

We’re big exercise fanatics, but this is the first time that we’ve heard of this new workout. After watching the trailer for the movie, which is due out in August, no one can deny that whatever Aniston is doing, it’s working. Check out her supertoned strip tease for yourself in the clip above. (Warning: Strong desire to try Yogalosophy very likely.)


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