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Household Nail Art Finds: Guest Blogger

If you’re into nail art, then you’re probably familiar with Chelsea King’s designs. As the artist behind Chelsea’s Get Nailed, this nail-addict-turned-blogger somehow finds time between classes at UC Irvine to produce nail art tutorials, sell her own press-on nails, and post her intricate and inspiring manicures. This week, Chelsea is offering up her best nail tips and a few exclusive (and pretty awesome) nail art how-tos for beginners and experts alike.

A common misconception for nail art is that you need fancy and expensive tools to do it. Not true! There are tons of items lying around the house that you can use as substitutes to get some art on your fingertips. The trick is to just be creative.

Dotting Tools


Dotting tools are an important staple to have in any nail artist’s tool kit. You can find a set of dotting tools online for less than $5, but if you’re in a pinch, any of these items work just as well.

A toothpick is a very inexpensive way to create tiny dots on your nails and it’s also very useful for picking up rhinestones and glitter to place on your nails. If you want the dots to be a bit bigger, a bobby pin will do the trick. Regular or mechanical pencils are also a quick way to replace dotting tools.

Striper Polish


Striper polishes are extremely useful for hand painted nail art. They are basically nail polishes, but the brush is thin, which allows someone to paint straight lines very easily.

If you don’t have striper polishes or don’t know where to find them, using a small paintbrush works just as well. They can be found at many craft stores and the bristles can be trimmed down if necessary. An eyeliner brush can also do the trick, just clean it with soap and water first. And last, another way to get those straight lines is by using tape – just place it once the polish dries, paint over it, and remove it to reveal crisp, perfect lines.

Cleanup brush


Once your mani is complete, you’ll want to clean up any excess polish around the nail. While there are specific brushes used for nail cleanup, an eyeliner makeup brush works very well. Just dip it in polish remover to help perfect the edges. Another cheap option is to use a Q-tip.

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