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Building a Table with Birchbox Co-Founder Katia in San Francisco


Katia’s husband, Greg, chooses wood for their new table.

Back in January, I made a dining room table. (Technically my handsome and wonderful husband, Greg, did most of the building, but I helped and have the splinters to prove it!) Greg has always wanted to make his own furniture, and this year for his 30th birthday, I was able to make that happen.

Late last fall, I met David Pierce, the founder and owner of OHIO, a San Francisco based furniture manufacturer that creates beautiful wood and steel pieces. As soon as I found out what David did, I proceeded to inundate him with questions about his career and his passion for building with reclaimed materials. He described his simple, clean aesthetic and I mentioned Greg’s dream to build furniture. David typically creates his designs or works on commissioned pieces alone, but since he’s a romantic man (which comes through in the vision and design of OHIO pieces), he kindly offered to help me make Greg’s dream a reality. Three months later, we flew to San Francisco to build our very own table. 

As Greg puts it, building furniture is something that “grown men” do, and it’s been high on his list as a mark of truly growing up. It felt like the perfect time to share our experiences here on the blog since you might have heard that the theme this month for Birchbox Man is All Grown Up.


We started by picking the wood from David’s soon-to-be apartment and then we sanded. 


And sanded.


And sanded! (The part I didn’t have a chance to document was before we put the pieces together and is called biscuiting—it’s a lot of fun!)


Then we cut the table down to size. 


And put together the base—a simple A-frame. David explained, “wood for the touch, metal for stability.” Afterwards, we stained the table with a simple tung oil.


And here it is in our apartment! Ready for years of dinners with friends and loved ones. Be sure to check out more one-of-a-kind pieces on David’s site, OHIO Design


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