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How To: Monochromatic Color Block Nail Art: Guest Blogger

If you’re into nail art, then you’re probably familiar with Chelsea King’s designs. As the artist behind Chelsea’s Get Nailed, this nail-addict-turned-blogger somehow finds time between classes at UC Irvine to produce nail art tutorials, sell her own press-on nails, and post her intricate and inspiring manicures. This week, Chelsea is offering up her best nail tips and a few exclusive (and pretty awesome) nail art how-tos for beginners and experts alike.


A popular nail art trend this summer is the color-blocking mani. Here’s how to take it up a notch by using a monochromatic color scheme and some studs! For this design, chose three colors in the same color scheme, ranging from dark to light.


The first step to this design is painting all of your nails with the darkest polish (Essie’s Go Overboard) except for the accent ring finger, which you should paint with the lightest shade (Nubar’s Jaded).


Using a nail art brush and the medium shade (Nubar’s From Dusk till Dawn), outline boxes on your nails.


Fill in the boxes with the same shade. Repeat steps two and three with the remaining colors.


Place studs on your nails with nail glue (or top coat) and add your favorite top coat over everything to seal your design.

Another simple mani we love? Diagonal French tips.

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