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Now There’s an App that Photoshops Your Face For You


We’ve all used Instagram filters to make our selfies look a little brighter and rosier. But now there’s a new iPhone app that takes it one step further: Pixtr. The app enhances your pics by using facial recognition software to erase wrinkles, fade zits, enhance skin tone, and tweak prominent features like your nose or jawline. It performs the kinds of retouching magic once reserved for Photoshop artists, yet it doesn’t require any technical savvy (all you have to do is select the pic and the app does the rest). Pixtr even takes your gender into consideration, so if you’re a girl you won’t have to worry about ending up with the jawline of Jon Hamm.

A quick scan through the images offered up by Pixtr as prime examples reveals that most of the changes aren’t very dramatic (maybe that’s the point?). The app seems to be most effective at eliminating undereye lines and slimming down round faces. Still, the concept behind Pixtr is intriguing. 

We gave the app a try ourselves, and mostly found that it helped enrich the colors in the photo, but didn’t make any huge (read: significant improvements) to our faces—though it did add a little symmetry in a couple places. Take a look below:


Editor Lorelei before (left) and after Pixtr (right).


Editor Candice before (left) and after Pixtr (right).

What do you think: will digital retouching soon become a standard for social media pics the way it is for so many magazine features? 


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