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Annyong! Our 6 Favorite Running Jokes From Arrested Development

We’ve been wishing, hoping, and even asking Obama to bring one of our favorite shows back after it went off the air in 2006, and now this weekend, our tv dreams are coming true – Arrested Development is back! This Sunday at 12:01am PST, Netflix will premiere the entire 4th season of Arrested Development with all 15 episodes available for instant watch. [Ed’s note: How’s a girl supposed to resist the urge to binge on all the episodes at once? C’mon!]

So in honor of this important occasion, we’re breaking out the frozen bananas and revisiting 6 of our favorite running jokes from this very quotable show:


1. The sad Charlie Brown song and accompanying walk

Even though this gag always accompanies sad moments in the show, we crack up every time it happens. The Charlie Brown Christmas song, the drooped head and slow walk, George Michael walking past a suspiciously Snoopy-esque dog on a red doghouse…the combination is too much to handle and one of the best jokes to reenact yourself.



2. “Hey, brother…” 

The variations on this joke is what truly makes it great for us: “Hey Hermano…” “Hey possible nephew…” “Hey Uncle Father Oscar…” Oh Buster, you are too awkward.


3. “Her?”

This recurring quote is as Ann as the nose on plain’s face.


4. The Banner

This is one of the more subtle jokes on Arrested Development, which is why it’s so fantastic. Why the Bluths ever decided on very obviously handmade banners to express their true feelings at every family celebration (“Take a look at banner, Michael!”), we’ll never know. 


5. “Marry me!” 

Maeby is a bit of a mixed bag character (i.e. combination awkward, oblivious, scheming, and funny), so when she spouts this non-sequitur response for the first time, we can’t be sure if she does it purposefully to avoid the question or because she’s just weird. Either way, it’s hilarious. (As is the joke’s counterpart: “babysit me!”)


6. Dr. Fishman aka The Literal Doctor

While most doctors prefer to gently break the bad news about a patient, that’s clearly not the case for Dr. Fishman. Although, he does tell it like it is. Literally. The gag is always enjoyable, but by far the best use is when it is reversed in response to Buster losing his left hand – “He’s going to be all right.”

If you’re craving more Arrested Development jokes, you can also check out the (very extensive) list of all recurring ones on the show in this handy infographic.

Do you have a favorite?

– Bre

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