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The 3 Products You Need to Be Ready in 8: Guest Blogger

Let’s face it: We all need career advice at some point. That’s why Megan Broussard, a contributor to The Daily Muse and Glass Heel, created ProfessionGal, a blog geared toward working women. This week, we’re lucky to have Megan sharing her best tips for success in the workplace.


Take it from the girl who goes to bed late thanks to karaoke-lovin’ friends and wakes up early for a cute cockapoo who expects his morning walk. On the weekdays especially, I sleep in until the last possible second.

And, in order to make it to the office in time, I use the following three products that make my morning routine much more efficient. 

1. Dove - Refresh+Care Invigorating Dry Shampoo

You’d be shocked by how many girls I’ve met recently who are still too skeptical to give dry shampoo a try. When you need to fly out the door, you’ve got the just the right amount of time to ditch that greasy go-to bun and welcome the sleek top knot instead. 

2. Maybelline Cover Stick Corrector/Concealer in Green

I call it my magic green stick because it makes your blemishes disappear almost instantly. Be careful not to put too much on and always blend properly. Gently dab the amount recommended on the packaging, pat a bit of foundation or powder over it and voilà! Blemish? What blemish?

3. Nars The Multiple in Maui

I’ve worked in marketing/PR agencies most of my career, so I can appreciate makeup that can multitask. This product colors your eyes, cheeks, and lips, plus moisturizes and repairs them too. And this shade gives your cheekbones a delightfully bronzed rosy hue.

Our favorite multi-tasker for those busy mornings? Benefit Fine-One-One.

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