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How to Look Awake After a Late Night: Guest Blogger

Let’s face it: We all need career advice at some point. That’s why Megan Broussard, a contributor to The Daily Muse and Glass Heel, created ProfessionGal, a blog geared toward working women. This week, we’re lucky to have Megan sharing her best tips for success in the workplace.


Have you ever stayed out way too late on a school (err, work) night? Get rid of those baggy eyes and colorless cheeks with these sweet makeup tips. 

Start by holding chilled spoons (or cucumbers will do) over your lids for about 10 minutes to help relieve the puffiness around your eyes. Then, follow that with an eye tightening serum (though it’s a bit expensive, I use Oil of Olay Professional Pro-X Skin Tightening Serum since I don’t use it often) that contains de-puffing ingredients like agrimony. After that, massage your undereye area with your ring fingers in light downward strokes. 


To bring that natural flush back into your cheeks, try a cream blush in a shade brighter than you would normally wear and put it on underneath your foundation. This allows the color to blend naturally with your skin and peek through on the apples of your cheeks and gradually outward.

Another secret is using an illuminating cream, like Twilight Freshface Glow, mixed directly into your foundation. Mix a pea-sized amount into a nickel-sized amount of your foundation and it’s like you’re quenching your skin’s thirst, making your complexion appear much brighter.

When it comes to eye shadow, use khaki shades like the ones in L’Oreal’s Professional Eye Shadow Duos, which mask redness on your lids. And, be sure to choose matte. For mascara, opt for products that emphasize length instead of thickness since thickening formulas tend to clump which can cast more shadows. My favorite mascara in these situations is Maybelline New York Lash Stiletto Ultimate Length Mascara.

As a finishing touch, spritz on a clean-scent perfume that you don’t wear all that often so that the scent will seem fresh to you. And don’t forget that you can’t go wrong by pulling your hair into a neat sleek bun or pony and applying a touch of light lip gloss. 

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