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Our Favorite Summer Wedding Hair Tutorials for Guests and Bridesmaids


It’s that time again: time to dust off your dancing shoes, practice your receiving line small talk, and get reacquainted with those online registries. That’s right: wedding season! In the event that you’re not getting your hair done professionally—which helps you save up for all those plane flights!—we’ve got you covered. Below are five of our favorite wedding appropriate hairstyles to get you to the church (or city hall) on time. Now you just have to worry about giving that toast.

Modern Topsy Tail Updo

Editor Meredith has been to about a million weddings, and she’s become a pro at doing her own hair and makeup for the events—whether she’s a bridesmaid or just a guest. This new take on the topsy tail (yes, that topsy tail) is sophisticated enough for any event.

How To: Oversized Bun

When in doubt, an oversized, slightly messy bun is always appropriate. It takes literally moments and all you need is a ponytail holder, a teasing brush, and some pins. Instant glamour.

Create Classic Waves with Pin Curls

This style takes a little more time and finesse but it’s an excellent option for bridesmaids, particularly if the wedding is on the fancier side. A: This style looks excellent in pictures and B: you don’t need to worry about your hair falling out or looking terrible halfway through the night like you do with some updos.

Easy Braided Updo

When it comes to hairstyles, I believe they should fit at least one of these criteria: they’re really great looking or they’re really easy to do. In this case, SHU UEMURA stylist Noelle Chen was able to satisfy both criteria with a braided updo that had several Birchbox staffers in disbelief. 

The Gibson Roll

We’ve mentioned this hair tutorial before but that’s because it’s such a versatile style. The Gibson Roll, also sometimes known as an upside-down roll, is somewhat akin to the French twist—it looks classic and poised, which makes it great for a family wedding where you can’t necessarily let your hair down.


If anyone knows about prepping for a wedding, it’s our friends over at Read their series on the Birchbox Blog for more inspiration

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