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5 Makeup Mistakes to Avoid at Work: Guest Blogger

Let’s face it: We all need career advice at some point. That’s why Megan Broussard, a contributor to The Daily Muse and Glass Heel, created ProfessionGal, a blog geared toward working women. This week, we’re lucky to have Megan sharing her best tips for success in the workplace. 


1. Mismatched Foundation

One thing you should always keep in mind: Your face and neck should be the same color. To ensure that your foundation matches your natural skin color, try smoothing it out on your jawline first, not your hand. Also, examine the accuracy of color in various lighting inside your house and out. This can make a huge difference and you could be surprised by how your go-to foundation looks in natural light.

2. Full-On Smoky Eye

Wearing layers of charcoal from lashline to brow can be a dangerous office look, particularly because dark colors surrounding your eyes can make you appear tired. If you want to look bright-eyed and bushy-tailed on Monday morning, try a one-shade lid, like the basic colors included in Urban Decay’s Naked Palette.

3. Too Much Blush

Rosy cheeks are a good touch, but too much blush can make you look older than you really are. A big mistake some girls make at work is using dark colors purposely to contour cheekbones. At a staff meeting, it can make you look harsh or even gaunt. Opt for softer colors like Golden Spice from Sephora, which work no matter the season.

4. Shimmer that Simmers

Ease up on the shine. We all want that dewy look in the summer, but a touch too much shimmer can easily be overkill. When using products with a hint of sparkle, like bronzer for example, make sure you tap your brush a few times before applying so that excess isn’t caked onto your face. Less is more in this situation.

5. Checking Yourself Out – Too Many Times

Stopping by the bathroom before a work lunch to freshen up and check your makeup is one thing. Using the glass table in the conference room as a mirror during a meeting to fix your bangs is another. Keep things professional by limiting your primping to the ladies’ room.

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