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My Quest For the Perfect Pen


When I was a little girl, I had a tradition on Sunday nights with my dad. After family dinner, we’d drive to my local Walgreen’s and hang out in the aisles. While he’d flip through the latest magazines, I would pore over the pens and pencils—scouting out any new additions that could potentially join my school bag lineup.

It sounds a little strange to hang out in the pen aisle, I know, but I swear that while I was growing up in the ’90s, there was some very serious pen innovation happening. Every week something new could pop up that would blow your mind. I got to take part in the era of Lisa Frank, multi-color and glitter-friendly gelly rolls, and who could forget the squiggle pen? Which is all a very nostalgic way of saying that I have had a fairly long love affair with pens—and that I am very picky when it comes to what I actually like.

I’ve loved testing different colors, trying various sized tips (0.5 mm is my jam, thanks) and debating the merits of gel vs. rollerball vs. felt. After years of experimenting, I finally settled on one that I stuck with throughout college: Pilot’s EasyTouch Ballpoints. The grip was perfect—pillowy enough for comfort, but firm enough for a good hold. I loved it so much, I’d buy a pack at every Walgreen’s, Office Depot, and Target that I could find.

So when I received Pilot’s new Acroball PureWhite as my Birchbox Find this month, I couldn’t have been more pumped to give yet another contender a serious test run. As a loyal devotee of my EasyTouch, I knew immediately that the textured grip would be just right for my hand. Major bonus? These totally satisfy the high schooler in me since there are so many bright (but not overwhelming) ink colors—like pink, turquoise and my personal favorite, nectarine. On the page, the shade is a very pleasant marigold.

After surveying several members of the Birchbox team, we all deduced that we have very different favorite pens. Now we want to hear from you: what’s your writing tool of choice?


To purchase your own pack of Pilot’s Acroball PureWhite pens , visit any Target or Walmart store nationwide. Then be sure to store them neatly

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