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We Volunteer! Covergirl Launching a Hunger Games Capitol Collection


For those of us not lucky enough to be born into the high status life of Panem’s Capitol, soon we can get the look of The Hunger Games's elite thanks to Covergirl's upcoming Capitol Collection, which is slated to hit stores this fall. But like the games themselves, the details regarding the collection are hush hush. 

If the name and preview images (like the one above) are any indication, we’ll probably see products inspired by the outrageous and high couture looks often worn by the Capitol’s residents. The only question is how extreme they’ll go—bright purple lipstick? Large, delicate false paper lashes? Neon green eyeshadow? 

What products do you hope to see from The Hunger Games universe? 


If you missed it (or perhaps want to watch it a few hundred more times), check out The Hunger Games: Catching Fire sneak peek here.

(Photo: PRNewsFoto/Lionsgate)

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