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4 Color-Protecting Ingredients You Should Know


Summer is approaching, which means that many of us will be visiting the salon for a lighter hair shade, highlights, or both. This year, we’re getting smart about protecting our expensively dyed hair from the sun. Protect your strands against UV rays with our handy round-up of the best color-protecting ingredients: 


Egyptian Chamomile

Attention blondes! The fastest way to wash your money (and gorgeous shade) down the drain is using the wrong shampoo and conditioner. Reach for a sulfate-free formula like Klorane’s Shampoo with Chamomile, which gets rid of product residue and oily debris without stripping your locks. It contains Egyptian chamomile, which is rich in apigenine—a golden pigment that intensifies natural and not-so-natural blond hues alike. 


UV Filters

What do faded curtains, browning lawns, and brassy locks all have in common? Excessive exposure to ultraviolet radiation. Fortunately, you don’t have to resign yourself to dull, faded strands. The experts at Number 4 have formulated their Super Comb Prep & Protect with a unique UV/Color Polar Shield that protects dyed locks from sun exposure. Tip: like your regular sunscreen, this protective formula is best when used every day. 


Linseed oil

Also known as flaxseed oil, this all-natural extract is extremely high in omega-3 alpha fatty acids, which seep deep into hair follicles to repair damage. Rather than loading up your oatmeal with flaxseeds (although we’re totally on board with that, too), try Kérastase’s Bain Chroma Captive shampoo. It preserves the depth of your color for up to 40 days.



Whoever first decided to use fish roe in haircare was a genius. Turns out that caviar is rich in essential omega acids that help rebuilds collagen in damaged follicles. We’re big fans of KELLY VAN GOGH’s Colour Protecting Caviar Shampoo and Conditioner. Drawing on her chemistry background, the Columbia grad designed the science-backed duo to boost overall hair health.


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