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Jenny McCarthy Talks Hair Removal, Vanna White’s Wisdom, and Much More


It’s not every celebrity that feels comfortable talking publicly about the nitty gritty of hair removal. But after sitting down with Jenny McCarthy on Wednesday to chat about her role as spokesperson for at-home laser hair removal device Tria, she could not have broached a delicate subject more gracefully. As someone who takes a deep breath before pulling off Band-Aids, I must admit that her endearing candor and sense of humor made me wonder if this isn’t something every woman should own. Read on to find out what McCarthy said about the at-home treatment, as well as her best summer beauty tip and biggest beauty splurge: 

Q: How did you come to love Tria? 

A: This is going to sound weird, but twenty years ago when I first moved out to L.A., I became friends with Vanna White. She had told me when I asked her “what do you do? What’s your beauty secret” that “you have to look into laser hair removal. You’re going to notice that as you get older, you’re going to go nuts with the maintenance of dying your hair, getting your nails done and so on.” And just look at her. She looks amazing. So those are the people that you follow whatever they say. So I go into her doctor and started the treatments, but quit halfway because, for one, I wasn’t working then and I was broke and I was like, “do I eat or do I do laser hair removal?” So I stopped and did what Vanna said I would hate doing, which was the maintenance of waxing and shaving and everything else. But then I got a call last year from my agent about Tria coming out with a device for at home laser hair removal. And I thought I would try it out to see if it was as good as the in office ones. I ended up testing it and fell in love with it and wanted to talk about it. And what it costs right now is still less than one office visit. 

Q: How long does it take to start seeing results?

A: It depends varying on the hair location. I did two treatments on my face and it worked. But some of the other locations took about three months and is still a work in process here an there. But I find it not painful. I mean, I did give birth, so my pain tolerance might be different, but everyone who tries it is like, “oh, that’s it?” 

Q: What’s your best troubleshooting tip with the product? 

A: Use it when you’ve had some wine. It really goes great with a glass of wine. 

Q: Aside from the Tria, what’s another summer beauty must-have? 

A: Spray tan. I don’t want to barbecue myself, but I do notice that because I have stretch marks, I think that’s my biggest insecurity and I’ve noticed there is no cream I’ve found to help. But the best thing I’ve found is spray tanning. I’m like, “oh my God, this covers it.” 

Q: What’s your biggest beauty splurge?

A: Probably hair extensions. I always forget to mention that as a beauty thing, but it’s huge. I don’t use clip-ins. I have tape. So literally, I am not kidding, I carry them in my purse, and I’ll be talking and one falls out and I’ll just pull one right out of my purse and stick it right back in. And it doesn’t hurt to pull them out, it just sort of slides. 

[Editor’s note: During the interview, McCarthy had the coolest copper accent extensions in her hair. The picture doesn’t do them justice, but they almost looked magenta and they played up her bright dress color exceptionally well!]


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