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How To Build The Perfect Spring Bouquet: Guest Blogger

We first became enamored with Annie Dean earlier this year after stumbling across her site Combining tips for entertaining and etiquette, this modern day Miss Manners proves that you can juggle a hectic lifestyle (did we mention she’s a lawyer?) and still be ultra chic. This week she’s sharing her five easy tricks to make spring a little more fabulous. 


Fresh blooms make any home brighter. Here’s a crash course to at-home botanical beauty.

To make a really spectacular bouquet, find a vintage crystal knick knack to use as a vase. I picked up the vintage crystal ice bucket pictured above at an antique shop in Greenport, Long Island for just a few dollars. Crystal glassware is dreadfully expensive when purchased new, but you can put together a whole vintage set for under $100, so keep your eyes peeled! 

Next, think color. Now that spring has sprung, celebrate with pink, orange, fuchsia, and marigold, and don’t be afraid to mix varietals together. For this bouquet I chose Japanese Ranunculus in marigold and light pink. Japanese Ranunculus have scalloped petals unlike their Dutch counterparts, whose flat petals form concentric circles. Then I added fuchsia Peonies, which smell heavenly and open into beautiful, full flowers. You’ll want to buy peonies whose buds are firm and quite closed; opened peonies aren’t as fresh. To encourage your peonies to open, cut the stems each day. The flowers will drink best and open faster if you make a horizontal cut (shortening the length) and also a small vertical cut in the center of the stem. Don’t forget roses, a classic that will add fragrance and fullness to any arrangement. But give your rosebuds a little squeeze before you commit. The looser the roses feel, the older they are, so purchase roses that are firm and tight.

Throw your fresh cuts in any place around the apartment for a little extra oomph and surround with household items that emphasize similar colors, like the gold edges of our address and guest books and the orange and amber of the Veuve Clicquot and decanted whisky. And save one flower for the powder room. A single peony displayed in a small crystal drinking glass is a simple way to get excited about brushing your teeth.

These flowers came from one of my favorite local spots: Adore Floral on Lafayette and Bond St. To learn more about the gorgeous little shop, check out today’s post on my blog.

Have a few extra blossoms? Get inspired with one of these spring-y floral crowns.

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