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A Curl Gel Without the Crunch


A quick census of Birchbox HQ reveals a surprisingly high percentage of curly-haired staffers. The abundance of ringlets often sparks office-wide conversations about how best to manage curly hair. Though my own hair is straight, I’ve been privy to insider styling tactics for quite some time now. The number one item on everyone’s agenda? Finding a styling gel that doesn’t leave hair stiff and crunchy—you know, the look that many curly-haired girls wore before they knew any better. After testing just about every gel on the market, many of my co-workers agreed that Miss Jessie’s brand new Jelly Soft Curls gets the award. Some of you will be receiving it in your boxes this month, and it’s available exclusively in the Birchbox shop until July! There are a ton of reasons we love this clear gel, but here’s the Sparknotes version:

Curly hair tends to frizz and poof during the humid months, so leaving it au naturale isn’t always the best option. Leave-in conditioners are great, but they’re not designed to lock in and define ringlets. Most styling gels, on the other hand, do little-to-nothing when it comes to actually improving the condition of your hair. That’s where Miss Jessie’s Jelly Soft Curls comes in: it combines the functions of a flexible-hold gel with conditioning wheat proteins to leave your hair softer after each use. It’s best used post-shower while hair is still damp, and multiple Birchbox staffers have praised how it leaves their hair shiny yet not stiff—and keep in mind we have a diverse curl crew of women from many backgrounds. 

Of course, that’s not to say that the Jelly Soft Curls is the only thing you need to treat your curls right. As our resident curly-haired expert and Relationship Manager Caroline demonstrates, there are a whole range of techniques you should be using if you don’t know about them already. 

Curly-haired ladies, tell us in the comments: how do you style your hair every day?


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