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A Lipstick Lover’s New Best Friend


I’m a lipstick girl through and through. I’ve become an expert at eating a full meal while maintaining a perfect red lip and can spot MAC’s Russian Red a mile away. But despite my obsession, wearing lipstick all day can be exhausting. Sometimes I just want a quick swipe of color that I don’t have to meticulously reapply in the mirror every few hours. Lip gloss seems like the obvious answer, but my memories of sticky and overly shiny glosses from middle school didn’t encourage me to pick up a tube any time soon. 

However, I was recently urged to give LipFusion Infatuation Lip Fattener a try and I have to confess that I’ve had this lip gloss thing all wrong. This game changer is nothing like its early 2000s predecessors and definitely deserves a spot next to my favorite lipsticks in my beauty lineup. If you’re not a fan of lipgloss now, you might have a change of heart because some of you will be receiving this in your May Birchbox!

This irritant- and silicone-free gloss does double duty for your pout – it provides a sheer pop of color in three flattering shades: La Lip Jolie (a soft pink), Angelic (a shimmery rose), and In the Flesh (a natural peach); and gently plumps your lips thanks to its Amplifat™ technology. Unlike other lip enhancers that contain painful volumizers like cinnamon or cayenne pepper, LipFusion’s formula offers a gentler approach that amps up your lip’s natural fatty acids. 

And for lipstick addicts like me, you needn’t forgo your first love. This gloss pairs perfectly with any matching lipstick to give you a boost of shine and staying power.

How do you plan to wear this gloss?


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